Based on the government’s guidelines, Dance Gallery has made some changes so we can all continue to operate and ensure everyone feels safe during dance class. Please take note of the following:


Following the Prime Ministers latest announcement of the Government’s four-step roadmap to gradually easing lockdown restrictions, it seems highly likely that we will be back in the studio for our Summer 2021 term due to commence on 19th April 2021 – The government has stated that from April 12th a return to in-person dance classes for children and young people, under the age of 18 will be permitted in Covid-safe premises. We will of course continue to keep abreast of further government announcements, seek further clarification as necessary and revise all up-to-date Covid-safe procedures to ensure the smoothest and safest transition back to the studio.

Reduced studio capacity to increase space between students during class. Based on World Health Organisation social distancing guidelines we are adhering to 2m2 per student during each class. The studio floor will be clearly marked with tape and each student will be allocated a “Dance Space”

Increased sanitising of communal areas: there will be a “Cleaning” break in between each class for the DG staff to clean and sanitise all communal areas including surfaces, door handles, toilets & sink areas.

Temperature checks: Following the governments Community Mitigation Strategy, we will also be taking students temperatures on arrival with a no-touch thermometer.

Covid testing: Weekly Covid-19 testing for the Dance Gallery teaching team.

Increased Hand washing. On arrival all children will be asked to wash their hands at the Hand-sanitising station situated at the entrance. There will be Hand sanitiser provided, but if you would like your child to use their own then please bring this to class to use before entering the studio. There will also be hand sanitising options available inside the studio along with tissues and wet-wipes. All used sanitising products can be disposed of in the Covid-19 Bin.

Increased ventilation: All studio windows will be kept open at all times.

One-way entrance & exit system: In order to avoid over-crowding, there will be a one-way system put in place – Please see below for drop off and Pick up.

Drop off and Pick up system: To continue to avoid overcrowding, no parents will be allowed to enter St Stephens. Children will be dropped off at the start of their class through the main entrance of the venue. For pick-up all students will exit via the emergency exit door at the back of the studio and be escorted by a DG staff member, round to the front of the venue when class has finished.

* VIDEO LINK with a visual account of the new studio layout to follow.

For a full break down of our Dance Gallery Covid-19 code of conduct please click here to download our PDF file.