Thursday Show Rehearsal

Thursday Show Rehearsal

We have arranged a  ‘pull it all together’ “Dancing/Singing Specials Rehearsal” this Thursday 13th February from 7pm—8.30pm at St Stephens Hall. This will enable us to run all the ‘dancing/singing specials’ numbers before the half-term break.

Please note that you may be involved in two or more sessions noted in the schedule below on Thursday and will need to attend for each separate session.

We have tried to plan the order as conveniently as possible for everyone, minimizing waiting time for those pupils who are involved in more than one rehearsal.

This is the rehearsal schedule for this Thursday 13th February at St Stephens Hall.

·         7pm—7.20pm           Spirit Dance (specials)

·         7.20pm—7.40pm      You Can’t Stop the Beat Dance (specials)

·         7.40pm—7.50pm      New Girl in Town (MT)

·         7.50pm—8pm           Trip A little Light (MT)

·         8pm—8.10pm           I Can Hear The Bells (MT)

·         8.10pm—8.15pm      A Cover is Not A Book

·         8.15pm—8.30pm      Speechless 

We look forward to seeing you there!