Dear Jill Julie and Lottie
Thank you so much for another amazing jazz show! I know how much effort it takes to make it all work but it has been amazing. We’ve all had so much fun learning new styles and moves and I don’t want the last show to come! Thank you for so many fantastic years of Dance Gallery.
Phoebe C

Dear Jill Lottie and Julie

Thank you for organising the show it was amazing! This is my second show and it is definitely the best one yet! THANK YOU for teaching all the cool dances!
Georgina M

Thank you so much for letting us do shows! I love our dances and costumes!
My mum loved it too!

Thank you Jill.
Dancing is my favourite hobby! You are the best teacher ever!
Mya K

Dear Jill
Thank you so much for another great show! I have always loved the shows, you make them so wonderful! Our dances are fantastic, the costumes are great and it’s such an amazing experience.  Thank you Jill. I love the jazz shows they are so fun!!

Dear Jill
Thank you so much for running this amazing show which I enjoy so much. It is the highlight of belonging to Dance Gallery. I will remember all the shows I have participated in for the rest of my life. Thank you again
Maddy M

Dear Jill
Thank you. I feel privileged to have taken part in yet another iconic fantastic and truly unique show! You make the show is possible and I will never forget and treasure my experience for years to come.
Hanna P

Dear Jill
Thank you for this amazing experience! I still remember my first show and I can’t believe this is my fourth, they have all been so memorable.
Millie B

Thank you for teaching me, I have learnt so much since I joined Dance Gallery. The show has been really fun to produce. Thanks for everything.
Miranda P Simmons

Dear Jill Julie and Lottie
Thank you very much for making Dance Gallery so special!!!
Sophia K