To Jill Lottie and Julie

Thank you very much for everything you have done for the incredible show! I have enjoyed everything! I’m going to miss Dance Gallery. This is my last show and I’m going to enjoy every minute!

With lots of love Leanne H xxx

Dear Jill,
I cannot describe to you how influential you have been to me all these years. I cannot think to imagine what future the “clumsy 6 year old Bebe” would hold had she not come under your wings.
You inspire me every class and you are the best teacher I have ever had the privilege to experience.
Thank you.
Bebe xxxxx

To Jill
It’s been such a pleasure to be part of Dance Gallery for so many years. I have enjoyed every lesson and every show and the experience has really helped me grow in confidence.
Lots of love
Leilah xxx

To Jill
Thank you so much for such an incredible show! I’m so glad I have done so many with you! The experience has been amazing and I will never forget the brilliant times I’ve had!

Dear Jill
Thank you so much for making my many years of dance gallery so fun memorable and special. Being part of this amazing dance school has been a privilege. And I will miss you and everyone involved very much when I leave in September. Of all my six shows here this has been the best one yet! Well done!
Rosanna W

Dear Jill
Thank you so much for this amazing experience I will treasure so many memories from the show (and also the others). It was the perfect way to end my time at Dance Gallery which I will definitely miss when I’m at university.

Dear Jill
I can’t ever thank you enough for all the incredible memories you have given me over the years. Four shows which have simply got better and better! I have enjoyed every single minute and have had some of the most wonderful experiences at Dance Gallery
Katy O

Dear Jill Lottie and Julie
Thank you so so much for everything you do for us and for making the show the highlight of so many people’s years! I’ll never forget all the crazy hectic fun I’ve had in the last three shows and I’ll always appreciate the opportunities that you gave me to do what I love. Thank you so much and long live Dance Gallery!
Kate R

Dear Jill Lottie and Julie
Thank you so much for everything. Being at Dance Gallery and having you as my teachers has really forwarded me in my chosen career path and in life. You are all absolutely amazing people and I am going to miss you dearly. The show has been absolutely great and just so inspirational. Thank you all.
Naomi H

Dear Jill Lottie and Julie
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, nothing has ever meant more to m than Dance Gallery and that’s all because of you. Five shows and 12 years and they’ve all been so special. Thank you for changing my life and giving me confidence and defining who I am. I will never forget Dance Gallery or the people who made it what it was.
Olivia S