DIVA NIGHT FEVER! Questors Theatre 18th to 22nd March 2014


A selection of reviews from parents

“Bravo excellent show.  Great song choice- many memories from my youth..and my parents youth too! Choreography was wonderful capturing the essence of each piece in a ‘spot on’ kind of way, superb outfits and make up- credit to all involved from creation to execution (including my fellow chaperones!) and stunning vocal performances and dancing, basically I was impressed!   A show to be very proud of.  And our munchkins ( with no bias and great objectivity) were incredibly cute and really focused on doing a good job….they were adorable.     So having seen the efforts that go on behind the scenes, reps, chaperones, dance teachers, ushers and everyone else involved I can safely say you all rock!!!  Farah – very proud mummy of Sophia xxx

“I’d like to say congratulations to you and all of your team for producing such a spectacular show. It was the first Dance Gallery show I had seen and every act was breath-taking making us anticipate the next. I was impressed with the professionalism of the whole production team: the girls, the choreography, dancing, singing, costumes etc. Everything was very much to a “West End” standard.”

“Jill and your team,  What an amazing show. Absolutely brilliant! Well done and thank you” Sarah

“Saw show last night and was really, really impressed. Thanks to everyone involved for putting in so much work. Costumes, enthusiasm and skill levels all off the scale. Fantastic. Best wishes Jane”

”We were in the audience last night and Elizabeth asked to stay and watch the second half. She never let go of my hand the whole way through, and when she saw Julie outside, she just spontaneously hugged her! I loved the Whitney and the Abba sequences in the second half for the energy, and adored the tap army ‘big band’ sequence.

The first half of course was delightful and such fun, with the finale of ‘When I grow up’ packing such a punch. The thought and time that has gone into all the rehearsals and the talent on show were a joy to see”

“We thoroughly enjoyed the show last night and appreciate the enormous ‘planning and behind the scenes’ effort that goes into making it such a professional production”

Thanks and well done to everyone who played a hand in pulling it off!   Tracy Evans (Cecilia aka ‘CC’ Jazz 11)

“Congratulations on the spectacular performance last night!   You all did an amazing job in pulling it together.  It was so enjoyable to watch that I didn’t want the show to come to an end! Each performance was so different and interesting to watch.  The costumes were stunning.  The choreography was enthralling.  The synchronicity was spot on … and I don’t know how you managed to fit so many children into the auditorium and get the timings of the children coming off and on the stage, and standing on the stairs so perfectly”.

“Wow Jill what a show !!  It was so brilliant – I caught it last night – I was exhausted just watching the first half!!      You Lottie and all of the teachers and helpers have worked do hard as well as those talented girls – it is brilliant!  Thank you” xxx  Michelle xx  Leah’s mummy jazz 3