The World and Beyond! Questors Theatre 7th to 11th February 2012


A selection of reviews from parents

“I wanted to write to you first thing this morning to let you know how amazing I thought the show was. I ended up watching it twice and chaperoned the other nights, so I got a feel behind the scenes and on the stage. All of your hard work and love for dancing paid off hugely. It was the most impressive performance and the nicest part was to see how much the girls love it!”

“I would like to thank you and your great team for everything you did and do for the girls. My daughter is sooo happy to be part of your dance gallery group. She woke up each morning with the biggest smile on her face during the show. After watching the second part of the show she said ‘Is this really what it looks like?’. She was amazed at how great it was.”

“There were so many lovely moments, it’s difficult to pick out what we liked best, but the curtain drawing back to reveal all the little ones during yellow brick road was priceless!”

“Thought you’d like to know, I walked out of the theatre during the interval on Saturday night and there was a woman behind me talking to someone else and she was SO excited and said “this is absolutely the best night of my life, thank you so much for bringing me, I could just sit and watch this show every evening from now on..”. I’ve no idea who she was or who she was talking to but that is what she said!!”

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you. How wonderful was the show this year. Full of imagination and creativity throughout especially considering the huge numbers involved. The costumes were amazing – I love that they are all slightly different within the theme from the OMG fabulous 1950’s dresses to the zany eccentricity of the Round the World number which I could watch again and again, to the exceptional Lion, Tin-man and Scarecrow costumes.”

“The lighting was superb also really adding to the drama and thrill but most of all the choreography that you and your team of Lottie and Julie worked so hard to ensure it looked amazing.”

“ “Just wanted to add my voice to what is no doubt an avalanche of congratulations on a superb show! We went on the opening night and were amazed at the display of talent and skill, not to mention the sheer hard work and dedication which must have gone into producing such a spectacular and enjoyable evening. Well done to everyone involved! “

“Congratulations again to you and all the team for putting on this wonderful show, it was absolutely amazing! And heart-warming to see the commitment and sheer joy of 350 girls onstage – they obviously love it! Thank you so much for all your hard work and inspiration.”

“My daughters were beyond happy to have been part of your fabulous show last week. They were both determined to fight through the tiredness, mounting pile of homework and relentless nagging from me to smile and dance their socks off – we were so happy for them to be part of such a fantastic energetic and exhilarating experience. Thank you Jill for creating such a fabulously stimulating environment for our children. Thanks also to Lottie and Julie who worked tirelessly to keep their spirits up and a huge thank you to the entire Dance Gallery team – to all those behind the scenes for the enormous amount of work that is necessary to make it all happen. I chaperoned three times with the Juniors and the job was made so much easier because of the amazing amount of organisation that had gone into every step.”