Heroes & hairspray! Questors Theatre 23rd to 27th March 2010


A selection of reviews from parents

“Jill – I am still getting over the show. It was the best ever – really – spectacular. You are such an asset to the community. I love the fact that you bring all of us together. Everyone pulling for one common goal – and what a goal. THANKS.”

“Just wanted to say huge congratulations on such an amazing show. I cannot even begin to imagine how you managed to get all 301 students doing their thing so wonderfully. My daughter really enjoyed the whole experience, and her whole family were delighted to see her up there with a big smile on her face. Thanks so much for giving her this opportunity – even though she is only six, I am sure she will never forget it.”

“I would just like to add to the list of people who think the show was fantastic. I saw girls racing for their lives to get the quick changes done behind the scenes and from the front it looks seamless. I wish some big impresarios had seen it as I am sure you would all be on telly by now.”

“The performance last night was fantastic. It wasn’t what I was expecting and I can honestly say it deserved 5 stars and that’s from someone that generally finds anyone under 15 performing excruciating (sorry – very politically incorrect), not to mention I’m not keen on song and dance unless it’s someone like Michael Jackson. However, the show was really slick. In total there must have been about 300 performers taking a bow at the end. The show was back to back dance routines, set to music from Shirley Temple to Lady Gaga and everything in between. There was very little singing but those that sang would all have qualified for X Factor. It really did ‘blow me away’, the professionalism of the performances was outstanding, as were the costumes.

“I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing show. It was absolutely brilliant. Anyone who came to watch told me they loved it. I can’t thank you enough. You, Lottie, Julie and Dave are the people behind this and every year you all make it better and better. Even though there were quite a few tears and quarrels we all got through it thanks to your enthusiasm and notes before every show 🙂 They really helped, I must say. Waiting in the voms, ready to go on, just before the last show, a couple of us mentioned that none of this would have happened without you and even if it did then it wouldn’t have been as good as this. I really hope it came out as you hoped it would. I know I really enjoyed it and I think everyone else did too. Please say thank you to Lottie, Julie and Dave for me but most importantly, Thank you Jill. ”

“Just back from your fab show – we loved it!!!!! Great choreography, costumes amazing and such ATTITUDE!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, it was a feast for the eyes and soooo professional.”

“Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed the show tonight. Really extremely impressive and totally professional. Thanks to you and your super talented team.”
“It was wonderful for us to see how much our daughter has gained confidence since the last show and really enjoyed performing after being such a shy and retiring type! Her grandparents were amazed by the transformation and I think Dance Gallery and your encouragement has really helped so thank you.”